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"Thousands have lived without love,
not one without water."
-W.H. Auden

Are you a Premium Water Organization or Water Sommelier?

Do You Love Water or Advocate for Those Who Need Water?

Here at WaterChatter, you are invited to join our community for enthusiasts of quality drinking water sources around the world. Whether you love drinking water, are interested in water projects or want to stay in the know about Global issues, WaterChatter is your oasis for all things water.

Why Join WaterChatter?

✓  Discover the latest bottled water, mineral water, and fine water trends

✓  Exchange ideas with other like-minded water enthusiasts

✓  Get involved with global issues

✓  Keep up with and comment on all drinking water-related projects around the world

✓  Stay up to date with water-related events

✓  Contribute articles, stories, your expert knowledge, and personal opinions

Agenda-free water information made available to you

Unlike many other water-related sites, here at WaterChatter, we encourage the exchange of knowledge in a safe place for all members. Some of our members don’t know who to follow on social media for good info. They don’t always trust the source of information given because most water-related sites are trying to sell you something. They watch the news and turn to Google for answers, hoping they hit a good site. Luckily, we are different. We want to be your go-to source for all things water.

If you’re like our members, you:

  • Love water, have a fine water organization, or maybe you don’t like to drink water… either way, you want to find or share delicious and new ways to drink it
  • Want to get off soda
  • Want to drink water for your health: weight loss, energy, productivity
  • Want to help and want advice on best sites to follow
  • Don’t know how to get involved, where to start
  • Want to be enlightened about the state of water in today’s world
  • Have a strong voice and need a place to let your voice be heard
  • Want to make informed decisions about which water to drink, or help others to do this

WaterChatter was created just for YOU!

We know that your health is important to you. You are also interested in the sustainability of the earth and water supplies. Maybe, you just love the taste and want to find ways to keep enjoying water. This community is the place for you!

Besides all the wonderful aspects of water, WaterChatter also addresses common concerns:

✓  Will we run out of clean water?

✓  Can we stop the amount of plastic involved in water distribution?

✓  Are we drinking enough water?

✓  Will our decision to not drink enough water (not because it’s unavailable, but due to choice) negatively affect our health?

✓  For those who don’t have enough, we are dedicated to sharing organizations committed to helping communities in their efforts to get enough water without having to walk for miles just for a day’s worth or enduring the risk of being accosted or worse during those ventures.

No matter why you’ve arrived here, yours is the most important voice in this global water conversation, and we invite you to:

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